What is LEMON?

LEMON is a tool that helps you look at who you are, in a fresh way.

Who is LEMON for?

Everyone! Individuals, organisations, families, husbands, wifes, parents, children. You name it!

When can I do LEMON?

Whenever you want. When you are struggling financially. When you are having maritial issues. When your company isnt functionining at its optimal rate. When you just don’t understand your teenager.

How do I do LEMON?

Individuals – Get in contact with us and we will lead you through the process
Organisations – get in contact with our sales director

Where can I do LEMON?

Individuals – Private workshops, public workshops, free seminars
Organisations – Private workshops, one on one meetings

Who offers LEMON?

LEMON, Facilitators, strategic partners

In what ways can I have access to LEMON?

Book, Website, Free seminar, Public workshop, private workshop, set up an appointment with our sales director.

Does LEMON work for people in different professions?

Absolutely! Most professions we deal with people and if not, I still need to get me in order to manage myself to be happier and more productive.

What credentials do I need to have to do LEMON?

None! Come as you are.

What credentials do I need to have to be a LEMON facilitator?

Passion, a desire to make a positive impact. Life and or business experience. All our Facilitators add a unique and different flavour to each course.

What if I don’t have a business as yet or if I’m not working yet, is LEMON for me?

Yes! It will help you tremendously in taking the next step in your career, business and next phase of life. No more wasting time, resources and energy on what you shouldn’t be doing.

How many people attend the training?

We encourage discussions and interaction with a group. 15 is usually a good amount, however it still packs a powerful punch even if the group is much larger.

Are there payment plans?

We are so convinced that this course is a life changer that we want EVERYONE to be able to attend it.  We ask for a commitment fee and paying off arrangements can be negotiated according to capabilities of the individual.

What if I have more questions?

Phone the office (011 027 2072) or drop us a mail (admin@lemonleadership.co.za) and we will gladly assist.

If I have read the book and attended the free information seminars, is that enough for a person to conclude their LEMON slice?

NO and believe me if you have had a taste of LEMON you will want to come back for more. It is addictive. In the full day course we discover a lot more and explore your slice of the LEMON.

Once I have attended the LEMON workshop, what can I follow that up that with?

You can explore LEMON even more. We offer exciting courses like LEMON Legacy, LEMON for Lovers, LEMON Sales ect. Please see website for a full list.

Who is LEMON for in an organisation?

Consultant, counsellor, coach and all round partner in excellence and success.

Does my third LEMON slice matter, if so, how?

There are 5 slices, you are a combination of two primary ones. Your third slice will play a smaller part. All the slices matter. In the full day workshop we unpack your third slice.

What is the difference between attending a free LEMON seminar and a paid LEMON workshop?

There is a significant difference.  There is too much to unpack in a short free seminar.

How can I introduce LEMON to my boss, family members and or colleagues?

You can invite them to a free seminar or even better contact the office (admin@lemonleadership.co.za) and we will send a representative to come do a short intro to LEMON.

How can I convince my manager and or boss that LEMON is valuable?

The best is to talk out of your own experience and what LEMON did for you. Most of our business comes from former companies and people whose lives have been marvellously enhanced by LEMON.

How do I check what my LEMON slice is, and is this for free?

There are costs involved in unlocking one of the most important things you will ever discover– the treasures and capabilities you have inside yourself. Contact our office to find out more on pricing (admin@lemonleadership.co.za)