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“We would like to heartily thank Doug and his team for the input and contribution to helping SABT to become the undisputed leader in our industry in South Africa and in Africa.” 

Andre Baard – Managing Director SABT

As businessmen and women we are always on the lookout for that “one thing” that will launch our business, or take it to the next level, or give us an advantage in our industry.

There are many elements that contribute towards success and they all play a role, but ultimately it is blending of the key elements that produces results.

There are not many companies that can go from startup to being undisputed market leaders in Africa in less than ten years, and the million-dollar question is “How did they do it?”

The answer is also not simple but foundational to their success was that they saw the value of team, pursued team, and it was the team working together that enabled them to blend the key success elements.

The probability of a good team “just happening” is about the same as waking up one morning and discovering a house has been built next door overnight.

It is easy to see and understand the value of a good team in the sports arena. It is somehow more difficult to translate that understanding into the business environment. Often the owner or manager feels it is their job to construct the team so they are reticent to give the job to someone else.

Our analogy of team is constructing a house. It is tough, technical and often messy. Most of us could build a house if we put our minds to it, but it is simpler for us to do our jobs and pay builders to do it for us. What we really want is to enjoy the finished product.

One of the foundational ingredients when we construct a team is LEMON. Without the understanding that LEMON gives it is not possible to construct a functional team.

At LEMON Leadership SA we say: “Stick to what you do best, and let us do what we do best. Let us build and maintain the team for you. You just relax and enjoy the finished product.”

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